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The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), in its first stage operational forecasts for the southwest monsoon season (June – September) rainfall, says that it is possible that rainfall this year is likely to be just "below normal" at 95% of the Long...
13 hours 24 min ago
Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), El Niño, Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), India rice production
India's total rice exports are expected to decline to about 8 million tons in the fiscal year 2013-14 (April - March), down about 24% from the record 10.5 million tons exported in the previous year due to growing competition from Thailand and Vietnam,...
15 hours 3 min ago
India rice exports, India rice production, Thailand rice exports, Vietnam rice exports
The Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) is planning to establish a Rice Technical Training and Research Institute (RTTRI) which will help improve marketing and rice exports.The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Trade Development Authority...
17 hours 20 min ago
Pakistan rice exports, Pakistan rice production, Pakistan rice consumption, Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)
Argentina has exported around 73,340 tons of rice January - February 2014, up about 10% from around 66,575 tons exported during the same period in 2013, helped mainly by robust exports in January 2014, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture....
17 hours 32 min ago
Argentina rice exports, Argentina rice export destinations, Argentina rice production
Average domestic rice prices in the Philippines have increased to record highs in the beginning of 2014, the highest levels since at least 2011.According to data from the Philippines Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), the average wholesale price...
17 hours 49 min ago
Philippines rice prices, Philippines rice imports, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), Regular-milled rice (RMR) prices, Well-milled rice (WMR) prices
Asia rice sellers kept their quotes mostly unchanged today.5% Broken RiceThai 5% rice (of new crop) is quoted around $375 - $385 per ton, about $10 per ton discount to Viet 5% rice shown around $385 - $395 per ton.Indian 5% rice is quoted around $420...
18 hours 6 min ago
Asia rice quotes, Thailand rice quotes, India rice quotes, Pakistan rice quotes, Vietnam rice quotes
Pakistan has exported around 2.4 million tons of rice in the first nine months (July – March) of the current fiscal year 2013-14 (July - June), which is down about 4% from around 2.5 million tons of rice exported during the same period in FY 2012-13,...
20 hours 37 min ago
Pakistan rice exports, Pakistan basmati rice exports, Pakistan non-basmati rice exports, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan rice export earnings
The USDA Post says that rice imports by the Philippines are likely to surge to around 2 million tons in MY 2013-14 (July - June), up around 43% from the previous year, mainly due to high prices.The Post says that the Philippines Department of...
20 hours 53 min ago
Philippines rice imports, Philippines Rice Production, Philippines rice smuggling, USDA rice
Hong Kong’s rice imports in 2013 have increased to around 339,000 tons, up about 9% from about 310,000 tons in 2012, according to the USDA Post.The Post says that the Hong Kong rice import market has changed significantly since its full liberalization...
21 hours 8 min ago
Hong Kong rice imports, Hong Kong rice consumption, Hong Kong rice prices, Hong Kong rice suppliers
The Thailand government has auctioned 162,344 tons of rice from over 212,900 tons of rice offered in this year’s tenth auction through the Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET) today. Official sources say that around 14 rice traders...
1 day 13 hours ago
Thailand rice auctions, Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET), Thailand rice exports, Philippines rice imports, Thailand rice prices
A private weather agency in India says that monsoon rains are likely to be below normal in India in 2014 due to a possible El Niño.Earlier this week, sources from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) told local media that rainfall is likely to be...
1 day 14 hours ago
El Niño, India rice production, Food inflation, Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (ABM), U.S. Climate Prediction Center
The Indonesian government will amend its “Raskin” or "rice for the poor" program in 2014 to remove irregularities in the program, according to local sources.The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) says that the Raskin program is plagued by cartel...
1 day 16 hours ago
Indonesia rice sector, Raskin, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), People's Welfare Ministry, Public Distribution System (PDS)
Thailand rice sellers lowered their quotes for parboiled rice by about $5 per ton to around $415 - $425 per ton today. Other Asia rice quotes remained mostly unchanged.5% Broken RiceThai 5% rice (of new crop) is quoted around $375 - $385 per ton, about...
1 day 16 hours ago
Asia rice quotes, Thailand rice quotes, Vietnam rice quotes, Pakistan rice quotes, India rice quotes
Ghana’s former President John Agyekum Kufour says that the country’s rice import bill could double to around $1 billion by 2019 unless the government forms a strong policy to increase rice production.The former President told local sources that Ghana's...
1 day 17 hours ago
Ghana rice production, Ghana rice imports, Ghana rice consumption, USDA rice, John Agyekum Kufour
Rice prices of 5% moisture Thailand rice have declined to around 11-12 baht per kilogram (about $341 - $372 per ton), down about 0.30 baht per kilogram (about $9 per ton) from last week ahead of Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET) rice...
1 day 18 hours ago
Thailand rice auction, Thailand rice prices, Thailand rice exports, Philippines rice imports, Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET)


Oryza Global Rice Quotes

April 24th, 2014
Long grain white rice - high quality
Thailand 100% B grade 395-405
Vietnam 5% broken 385-395
India 5% broken 420-430
Pakistan 5% broken 410-420
Cambodia 5% broken 435-445
U.S. 4% broken 580-590
Uruguay 5% broken 620-630
Argentina 5% broken 615-625
Long grain white rice - low quality
Thailand 25% broken 340-350
Vietnam 25% broken 355-365
Pakistan 25% broken 370-380
Cambodia 25% broken 410-420
India 25% broken 375-385
U.S. 15% broken 555-565
Long grain parboiled rice
Thailand parboiled 100% stxd 415-425
Pakistan parboiled 5% broken stxd 435-445
India parboiled 5% broken stxd 400-410
U.S. parboiled 4% broken 660-670
Brazil parboiled 5% broken 590-600
Uruguay parboiled 5% broken NQ
Long grain fragrant rice
Thailand Hommali 92% 940-950
Vietnam Jasmine 495-505
India basmati 2% broken 1515 -1525
Pakistan basmati 2% broken NQ
Cambodia Phka Malis 870-880
Thailand A1 Super 305-315
Vietnam 100% broken 335-345
Pakistan 100% broken stxd 325-335
Cambodia A1 Super 350-360
India 100% Broken stxd 305-315
Egypt medium grain brokens NQ
U.S. pet food 470-480
Brazil half grain 345-355
Medium grain milled
U.S. Calrose 4% broken 1070-1080
Egypt medium grain 6% NQ