Myanmar Rice Exports Reach 2.1 Million Tons in FY 2012-13; Up 40% from Target - 

Myanmar’s rice exports in the fiscal year 2012-13 (April – March) has reached around 2.1 million tons, up about 40% or around 600,000 tons from the targeted 1.5 million tons. Year-on-year, Myanmar’s rice exports in FY 2012-13 are around 2.8 times the 750,000 tons exported in the previous fiscal year.

The Commerce Minister told local sources today that rice exports by Myanmar in the FY 2012-13 were the highest in 46 years, and are expected to grow to around 3 million tons in FY 2013-14, up around 43% from the previous year.

The minister said that Myanmar has expanded its export market from mostly African countries during the military rule (that ended in 2008) to China, Japan, and European countries, including Russia, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. Recently, Myanmar signed an agreement with Indonesia to export up to 500,000 tons of rice per year to Indonesia if the need arises.

Myanmar’s rice production stands at around 13 to 14 million tons of milled rice, according to local sources. The country is aiming to increase rice production by introducing a third crop to help boost rice exports.

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