Argentina Exports 30,000 Tons Rice to Iran - 

Argentina will export about 30,000 tons of high quality white rice to Iran via traders in Austria this year, the first time Argentina rice will reach Iran in over 19 years, according to local sources.

The CEO of Rice Growers Cooperative (RGC) of Villa Elisa told local sources this month that the rice sector has worked very hard to regain the Iranian rice market and held several meetings with the Iranian embassy. The task was difficult because of payment issues due to the U.S. sanctions on trade with Iran.

The CEO of RGC said that it was decided that the export will be via a buyer in Austria which will finally export the rice to Iran. he said, the export value is expected to be over $17 million, suggestiing an average export price of around $566 per ton.

Argentina produces about 1.4 million tons of paddy rice annually, and about 70% of the total production is exported to other countries, according to government sources.

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